Villa Palagio  


Reception hours vary and are displayed at the entrance.
In case of emergency, please contact +39 055860259 or 188.

During opening hours reception is available for:

  • Wake-up service.

  • Florence museum reservations:
    Galleria dell’Accademia and Galleria degli Uffizzi.

  • The booking of tours with specialist guides:
    Visits and tastings of Chianti Visite di Pisa, Siena, San Giminiano

  • Prenotazioni di Tour con guide specializzate:
    Visite e Degustazioni del Chianti Visits to Pisa, Siena and San Giminiano

  • Correspondence and Administration
    (print-outs, photocopies and faxes).

  • Safe-keeping of valuables.
    We suggest that you leave your valuables in the safe at Reception. Liability for theft of unattended objects or of any cash lies with the owner. It is advisable not to leave cash and valuables in the room in plain sight; in case of uncertainty, the staff may refrain from cleaning the room.

  • Ordering flowers.

  • Car rental and taxi service.

  • External laundry service.
    The laundry room is available from Monday to Friday with redelivery the next day by 12.00 a.m. You can use the laundry bag with the booking form in the desk drawer. To request the service take the bag and form to Reception.

  • Medical treatments
    If necessary we will find a doctor for you and we will instruct you on the nearest pharmacies.

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