Villa Pitiana  

The Park

Villia Pitiana park originates from the XIX century renovations which changed the estate from a farmhouse to a Villa. The arboretum is rich of non-native trees as typical of English arboretums during the end of last century.

The arboretum is in the nearby of the Villa and it is one of the most important in Tuscany together with the one in Vallombrosa. At the base of each plant a plate reports the Italian and Latin names, the description of the plant and its origins. The complete list of the plants of the arboretum can be downloaded.

A wide range of documents on plant species is available for the guests in the Villa library. The park is also rich of herbs typical of the area: Milfoil, Sorrel, Asparagus fern, Camomile, Sow-thistle, Dandelion, Juniper, Mint, Calamint, Burnet.

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